We have a multidisciplinary approach to managing the patient's rehabilitation. This way, goals and corresponding treatments are strictly controlled and constantly evaluated by the entire team working in the same clinic: the sports traumatologist, radiologist, physiotherapist, sports therapist as well as the patient.

When we speak of physiotherapy we refer to therapy specifically aimed at recovering and improving musculoskeletal disorders and any other system in the body, always taking into account posture, movement and the sport practiced by the patient.

We aim to make each session efficient and effective from all points of view. As all work in the same place, our patients receive personalized treatment and attention, where each session is evaluated in great detail benefitting from quick and easy communication between the doctor and all other team members, resulting in the most efficient return to form for our patients.

The physiotherapist’s main goal is to provide a specific treatment focused on injury recovery. The treating doctor establishes the goals for the physiotherapist who in turn develops a therapeutic strategy to attain the objectives in an efficient manner, the quickest possible within the scope and possibilities of the injury.

All of our physiotherapists have years of proven expertise and broad experience, with a clear focus on multidisciplinary work. We are used to treating elite professional athletes and our teams 20+ years of experience in high performance sport medicine, has given us a proven efficiency in treatments. 

Our physiotherapy is based on manual therapy as the main axis which we consider fundamental. This therapy is combined with the latest technological advances for rehabilitation such as Alter-G, Indiba Activ, Game Ready, K-Laser, Recovery Pump and Shockwave therapy, which are some of the key technologies available to our patients.


The Alter-G is an anti-gravity treadmill using NASA differential air pressure technology This enables the reduction of gravity to which we are usually subjected, and therefore reduces your body weight throughout your run or work out.Your body weight can be reduced by up to 80% and in this way minimize the impact on joints, tendons and muscles. 

It is very useful for post-surgery treatments of the hip, knee and ankle since it allows for an early return to physical activity in treatments of joints with weight-bearing.It also helps accelerate recover for muscular injuries in these joints.


This is an hyperthermia application that activates blood circulation by nourishing and revitalizing the cells.The INDIBA Activ system generates a high-frequency closed electrical circuit to achieve biostimulation with or without thermal effect. A positive effect is produced by increasing blood flow at a deep level therefore increasing oxygenation and nutrient supply to the affected tissue.

Molecular biology studies have shown that INDIBA Activ stimulates the proliferation of stem cells and their differentiation and as such are very useful in muscle injuries and rehabilitation after surgery.It is one of the bases of physiotherapy strategy, both for acute cases (post-surgery of the knee, shoulder, etc.) and chronic cases (muscular overload, contractures or joint affectations).The biggest advantage of INDIBA Activ is the great depth reached and its non-aggressiveness.

Game Ready

The Game Ready is a revolutionary system integrating active compression and cold therapy. This system recreates natural muscular contractions whilst cooling the tissue, proactively helping the body with its lymphatic function, assisting the supply of cellular oxygen and stimulating tissue repair.

It is ideal for post-surgical treatment and always when there is an edema or inflammation in joints or the muscle tissue. We also use it as a recovery method after physiotherapy or exercise programs.


This high intensity laser light application with software allows selection and customization of an effective therapy, emitting a large amount of energy in the selected area enabling an increased efficiency of the treatment.

It is used both for acute and chronic cases and in small joints (ligamentous, capsular, etc.) where we apply an important amount of energy for restoration or rehabilitation of the affected area.

Recovery Pump

This is a product that produces sequential compression to improve recovery and blood circulation. Based on a variety of medically proven treatment protocols, it accelerates muscular recovery and helps the re-establishment of physical conditions. It reduces the risk of serious injuries and improves the condition of the body.

It’s principal use is after rehabilitation sessions or intense recovery where we want to accelerate the recovery process in order to continue working in the following session in the best possible conditions.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwaves are high frequency and high energy acoustic waves, similar to ultrasound but with a higher frequency and density, applied to the injured tissue with the objective of recovery. The shockwaves interact with the tissue, promoting its accelerated recovery and cellular growth. It’s main advantages are to alleviate pain and recover mobility.

As it is not a surgical therapy, it acts as an accelerator of recovery in painful injuries. Mainly used to treat degenerative or chronic tendinopathies and in processes of calcification.It is used specifically in plantar fascitis, achilles tendinopathies, epicondylitis and shoulder tendinopathies.