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"I started Medix International to help others experience the same remarkable medical treatment my family received, from a select group of doctors the world's top athletes trust.
When my seventy-six-year-old mother suffered a complex shoulder fracture in Croatia, she was within days transferred to Spain for surgery by an expert team whose professionalism and personal care was unparalleled. Her recovery  should have taken more than six months but ended up taking only three.
The experience was so exceptional it made me want to bring this level of service to others outside the world of high performance sports.”
- Siriwan Kaewchansilp, Founder

What We Provide

◦ We are the international patient partner of world-renowned doctors in Sports Medicine, Orthopedics and Mesenchymal Stem Cell therapy.

◦ We help athletes and non-athletes of all ages and levels receive treatment from the very same doctors that help elite athletes, such as Rafael Nadal, stay in top shape.

◦ We give you priority due to the ongoing relationship with our doctors.

◦ We ensure your diagnosis and treatment are from renowned experts, while also delivering a quick turnaround time.

◦ We ensure your treatment and rehabilitation is performed by one dedicated team.

◦ We work closely to smooth the interactions with your medical team and create a seamless experience for you.

◦ We build on the foundations of Sports Medicine, where close and ongoing communication between the treating surgeons and the rehabilitation team is critical to the success of your treatment.
◦ We help with other medical concerns you may have, as Sports Medicine takes a comprehensive view of your health and we therefore draw upon an exclusive network of peers for treatment of a broad range of conditions.

◦ Our services are provided in Barcelona and Madrid, Spain.

About Us

Siriwan Kaewchansilp


A global citizen from a multicultural family, Siriwan has lived, studied, and worked around the globe, which is why she innately knows about being a foreigner in a foreign place. She has over 20 years experience in international project management and business development coming from technology, manufacturing and the service sector which has made her adept at finding solutions no matter where she may be.

Siriwan has navigated the medical world as a patient in the US, Europe and Asia. Throughout her travels, Spain’s advanced medical expertise stood out, and became the impetus for her to help guide others towards medical excellence.

Getting things done in new cultures and places are second nature to her, aided by her fluency in French, Spanish, Italian, Swedish and English. Her passion for travel and service together with her empathy and commitment to helping others drives every task she undertakes.

Dr. Ángel Ruiz-Cotorro

Medical Advisor

Dr. Ángel Ruiz-Cotorro is an internationally acclaimed doctor and surgeon in Sports Medicine and Traumatology. He is the General Manager of the Clinical Tenis Teknon which he founded with the aim of providing specialized care to tennis players of all categories as well as other athletes.
Dr. Ruiz-Cotorro also heads up the Medical Services of the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation. He has been responsible medically for the male and female tennis teams at seven Olympic games, the Spanish Davis Cup, Fed Cup and the Grand Slam tournaments: Wimbledon, Roland Garros, US Open and Australian Open.

He is the personal doctor of Rafael Nadal and has treated other tennis greats such as Arantxa Sanchez and Juan Martin del Potro as well as amateurs and non-athletes of all ages.

Dr. Jaume Vilaró Angulo

Medical Advisor

Dr. Jaume Vilaró Angulo is a reference in the areas of Traumatology and Surgery having discovered his passion for medicine at an early age. He is responsible for surgery at the Clinica Tenis Teknon and has attended medically to international as well as Spanish elite athletes.

Every year he covers the Barcelona Banc Sabadell Open as well as Grand Slam tournaments such as the Wimbledon and Roland Garros.  Dr. Vilaró was awarded the best Sportive Medicine Specialist by FIATC in 2014.

Dr. Ignacio Perez Buendia

Medical Advisor

A true Grenadian at heart, and an innate sportsman who played professional tennis before putting his passion into medicine, Dr. Ignacio graduated in Medicine and Surgery from the University of Granada in 2008. He spent his career in family and sports medicine, and practices at the Clinica Mapfre de Medicina del Tenis in Madrid.

Dr. Ignacio also specializes in neuro traumatological emergencies at Hospital Neurotraumatologico de Granada, Hospital Universitario Virgen de las Nieves, and Hospital Campus de la Salud. He combines his interest in sports and medicine by participating in several sports and health research projects as an expert in medical emergencies and health management.
He collaborates with the IMUD, the main research center of Granada in sports and Biotronics, an innovative pain treatment center and collaborates with the Royal Spanish Tennis Federation as doctor at several national and international tennis tournaments.

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