Personalised Coordination

Assistance tailored to your unique needs.


Initial Consultation

Upon receipt of your inquiry, an international patient coordinator contacts you to thoroughly understand your diagnosis, medical history, and personal circumstances.

We then submit your case for review by our doctors. Depending on their assessment, you will either receive a recommended treatment plan or be requested further tests along with a preliminary consultation by videoconference or in person.


Plan Your Procedure

Once a treatment plan and budget have been finalized, we help coordinate your medical procedure: from pre-operative tests, to surgery and rehabilitation, all built around your personal schedule and timelines.

Your patient coordinator will also advise you on travel logistics. We work with travel partners who can assist you in developing a travel plan tailored to your specific needs for the treatment in Spain.


Receive Your Treatment

Upon your arrival in Spain and throughout your stay, we provide local assistance and guidance. Whether accompanying you to medical consultations, facilitating admissions at hospitals, or coordinating with travel partners, we are here to help, answer any concerns you may have, and ensure you have a smooth process.

Your entire medical team works together in the same clinic, ensuring your doctor is in the same location as your rehabilitation, giving you an integrated experience, with the same team, every step of your journey.



Rehabilitation, an integral part of your treatment, is managed by the same team that performed your medical procedure. They feature the latest in recovery techniques and equipment and closely monitor the progress of your recovery ensuring your return to complete health.

We continue to provide assistance during the rehabilitation period and even after you return home, responding to inquiries your home-based medical team may have.

Learn more about our patient process

Download our Patient Process hand book below to understand what your experience might be like.

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